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kihon Inc. is a strategic communications and recipe design, beautiful things , life style design consultancy.   Our approach is tailored to each client, using incisive strategic insight and cross-fertilisation of ideas and knowledge to achieve our clients’ commercial, marketing and communication goals.    

About Business

- Strategic Consultancy
- Creative Direction
- Recipe Design

Kihon Inc.

President & CEO
Yataro Matsuura

Founder Yataro Matsuura has a background in bookstore and editorial journalism and launched his career as a communications and strategy specialist in Tokyo working for design, art and food business.
For nine years from 2005, under the leadership of the founder, Shizuko Ohashi, he was the chief editor for the magazine, “Kurashi no Techo.” Since, he launched an online media site, “Kurashi no Kihon.” Currently, sits as a director for Oishii Kenko Ltd. Recognized for his eye for style and experience in presenting ideas for quality lifestyle. Regularly writes in his columns in newspapers and magazines. He is founder of COWBOOKS. It is also a writer with many bestsellers.